What is Camp Nehemiah?

2018 information coming soon!

Camp Nehemiah is a Christian based camp that is designed to build character, build the mind, and build a brighter future for your child. This camp is unique in the fact that it blends creative learning in math and science, as well as develops your child’s team building skills, project skills, physical condition and agility alike.
Camp Nehemiah is the camp that will make the difference in your child’s life. Not only will it make the difference in your child’s life, but as a parent you will be able to rest knowing that your child’s future will be greatly enhanced.
If you are looking for a learning “stimulus package,” Camp Nehemiah is the place for your child. Registration is simple and easy. Just click and go. The cost will stimulate your budget, and allow you and your child to enjoy the summer to its fullest.
We encourage you to sign up today as this “stimulus package” is quite affordable at $150 per- week including breakfast, lunch and snacks as well as a weekly swimming and field trip. Spaces are limited! So sign up TODAY! We look forward to meeting you and your child soon at Camp Nehemiah.