3737 Stilesboro Rd. NW Kennesaw, GA 30152 678.354.2423 cachappell@mygracerocks.org June 4-July 27 (we will be closed July 2nd-6th) 7:00 am - 6:00 pm


2018 Curriculum promises to be a time of growth and skill enhancement. We switched out our weekly topics to enhance our education portion. We want our campers to excel in every aspect in and outside of the classroom. Our goal is to incorporate basic reading, writing and math skills into our newly designed curriculum to encourage our campers to think outside the box.

Week 1: Introductory Weeknice to meet you

Get excited because summer is here! Week 1 promises to be fun and exciting and full of learning! We want to focus on getting to know you and you getting to know us! We will be building your leadership and teamwork skills because you will definitely need those for this summer! We can’t wait to meet you this summer! 

Week 2: Basic Coding  code

Want to learn the language computers understand? If your answer is yes, this week is just for you! We will be learning the basic concepts of coding. We understand that computers don’t speak the same language as us and we will take a dive into creating our own codes! So much fun and so many new opportunities! We hope to see you there!

Week 3: Creative Thinking Unit think

Hey, you! We want you to create a game to teach others a skill that you have already mastered. Easy huh? Yes! You can do it and we want to help you think outside the box. All you have to do is put your thinking cap on, grab your materials and get started! You don’t want to miss this week.

Week 4: Engineering a Roller Coaster engineer

Not afraid of heights? Yeah, us either! Come help us design and build some of the best rides you have ever seen. We need you to help us build our very own theme park here at Camp Nehemiah! Bring your ideas and put your skills to the test! We can’t wait to experience this thrill!

Week 5: Money Math money

Money is a trend for all! While everyone is at a different level of understanding money and how it works, we all want more! Learn about different careers, practice counting and saving, learn to budget, and how to make a profit all at the same time!

Week 6: Art & Design Week art

Want to transform ordinary to extraordinary? Absolutely! This week we will take a look at going beyond what we see to create something completely different. You get to be as creative as you want with no one telling you that’s enough or too much glitter. Who doesn’t want to make a masterpiece while making a total mess?!

Week 7: School’s OUT Week

Last week of summer break is supposed to be exciting! Why not enjoy your last week at Camp Nehemiah! Week 7 promises to be a week of growth, appreciation and love! So many activities we can’t even type them all! See you there!


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